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J.F. Jenkins lives in Minneapolis where she spends most of her time creating and plotting world domination, something that has been in the works for roughly 13 years. In her free time she works as the local coffee wench and dominates the minions of the pixilated world on her PS3. When she's not procrastinating, she's actually working on publishing things for her website [info]jenkinsjf. She's also got a little man, J Walk, and a little man trapped in a big man's body, J Dawg, to take care of along with her two fur babies Ushi and Tibu.

There’s 24 hours in a day.

Crystal spends 4 hours being a junior in college between her Business Administration and Theatre for Youth majors in order to attend Grad School for teaching and youth drama.

For 6 hours, she works between two jobs.

Approximately 2 hours everyday are spent in commute from her North Charleston home in South Carolina where she lives with her co-author, sister, and best friend – Pamela.

She estimates 3 hours for homework and other commitments with outside expectations (mentoring, volunteering with Special Needs Theatre, etc.).

Set aside 2 hours for eating and bathing necessities.

The average person should get 8 hours of sleep…let’s fib a little and say Crystal gets 6.

All and all, that leaves about 1 hour of time that she tries to cram in reading, movies, Renaissance Faires, music, friends, and family.

A small voice whispers in your ear, tickling your nerves and sending shivers down your spine. “What about writing?”

A chainsaw rips to life, hacking away minutes, hours, and inefficiencies everywhere it goes. A small mass of fog begins to emerge from the falling pieces, a burst of light radiates across the sky, and writing wiggles its way into the mixture.

As a writer, Crystal currently publishes multiple projects at http://twotowrite.blogspot.com. Her fiction usually falls in the young adult, fantasy genre, but she intends to branch out and explore new areas in the time to come.

Pamela’s love of creating stories started when she was young. She would spend endless hours playing with Barbie dolls with her sister. Their dolls would go to fantastical worlds and have unique adventures of their own. As time moved on, so did the need for a new creative outlet. Enter writing.

Pamela started writing as a way to relieve stress and get the stories out of her head and onto paper. Eventually, this love of writing grew into something larger and she joined forces with her sister, Crystal, to create bigger and better things. In the summer of 2009, they wrote their first novel. Currently, they have taken on the major task of rewriting the original draft of this novel. In August of 2009, they launched their site, Two to Write (http://twotowrite.blogspot.com), where they post some of their fiction (including a novel) for free.

Writing is not all there is in Pamela’s life. She spends her days as a teacher, currently working in special ed. She is early childhood certified and is spending her evenings attending graduate school to increase her knowledge of teaching students. Her spare time is spent doing homework and working on one of many writing projects with her sister.

I really hate talking about myself, so I will do the best I can here.

I like peanut butter. I'm 25 and have two kids, Shane and Fallon. I'm married to a wonderful man who puts up with my crab-assery with patience and grace that I do not deserve. We have two cats, Ink and Pandora. We're a military family and have moved more times than I can count in the last few years.

I've written since I could read and before I could spell (scribble stories so count!). I enjoy a ton of different crafts, which I usually call distractions and a means of procrastination. I am also a gamer, which is by no means any sort of distraction (except from life) and usually ends up causing my procrastination to reach new heights of epic fail.

My favorite things to write about, and coincidentally the hardest for me to write about, are the dead and the redemption of the damned. I like to believe that even the worst sorts of people have an honorable reason for doing the horrible things that they have done in their lives. Nearly every bad deed can be justified, even if the justification does not make sense to outsiders. It is my goal to warp the minds of my readers to get them to not only hate, but also sympathize with my villains. Whether or not I succeed in that has yet to be seen.